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Tyrone Holcomb Ministries of Harker Heights, Texas, offers the ability to strengthen your special bond with our

marriage books and spiritual seminars. These are resources that will develop character, enhance your relationship

with your spouse, or a future spouse, and learn how to love like God. Our ministry seeks to teach you how to obtain

an unbreakable relationship to stand up to the test of time, a marriage that will be steeped in the good life of God.

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How You Behave Determines Who You Become.

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Life Lines

Living Your Life in Line With God


In life, we encounter various lines from the dreaded flatline to the splendor of the skylines to the pressures of meeting the demands of deadlines as we fight our way to the finish line.

Every person carries the propensity to live a fruitful life. This seed is planted in us by the hand of God and can only reach its full potential as we learn to abide in Jesus.

Abiding is not a suggestion to occasionally to visit Him; it's an invitation to live in Him. Through this book, you come to understand how godly character is developed in the safety of His dwelling, and you'll find the best version of yourself spring forth as your sincere cry to God becomes,

"Make Me A Good Tree."

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23 The Psalm that Calms the Soul

Psalm 23 tells us that when walking through the valley's shadow, don't let its darkness cause you to fear.  Learn from 23: The Psalm that Calms the Soul that He's always leading you.  From sunup to sundown, you're in the shadow of His wings, and, yes, He's got you covered.

More for Less

Turning Disabilities into Possibilities


No matter what disadvantages you face, More for Less will direct you to a better place.

Marriage Matters

Volume 1

For Better Or For Worse


Tyrone discusses the reasons for marriage and the distinct reward. It will help couples navigate the good and bad times evenly.

Marriage Medicine

Character is the Cure

Taking a closer look at why relationships fail, this book will help couples find cracks in the relationship before they become fatal flaws. 

Marriage Matters

Volume 2

Learning to Love Like God​


Tyrone helps make your marriage matter more than ever before. You and your spouse will find renewed spirituality and love.

Marriage Maintenance

Better to Repair Than to Replace

Tyrone offers the blueprint to structure

a marriage that is built to last.




to the Bible for Marriage Guidance

By promoting lessons found through bible study, Tyrone Holcomb Ministries provides the full gospel and counsel of God. This is accomplished through provoking and profound marriage seminars, books, and local counseling. By using humor, practical insights, and biblical wisdom, we provide the blueprint and tools to build a life that honors God, blesses others and fulfils hopes.

Speaking & Seminars

Marriage Matters: For Better Or For Worse

Every marriage will experience good and bad times, and it is during the bad times that couples begin wondering if the marriage is going to last. Allow God to exhale on your marriage while experiencing Christ’s reassuring presence. Your marriage can live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Marriage Matters: Learning to Love God

Let minister Tyrone Holcomb show you how to apply God’s Word to tap into the good life that was created for your marriage. Discover a love for your spouse in a whole new way to weather the storm that has momentarily seized your marriage through kindness, overcoming struggles with patience, and developing a community of unity.

Marriage Medicine: Character is the Cure

With so many marriages ending in divorce these days, some may wonder if love is fleeting, a thing of the past, or something that doesn’t last forever. Take a closer look and you will see that many relationships fail, not due to a lack of love, but a lack of character. In this book, we will share the secret to marriage that will last a lifetime.

Marriage Maintenance: Better to Repair than to Replace

Like a skilled contractor, the author leads you through a room-by-room survey of your marriage, revealing areas that may need attention, and explaining how you can repair, renew, refresh, and rebuild your relationship. With humor, practical insights, and biblical wisdom, he provides the blueprint and tools to build a marriage that honors God, blesses others, and fulfills your hopes.

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Tyrone Holcomb Ministries

Tyrone Holcomb Ministries of Harker Heights, Texas, makes it our missions to keep married couples loving one another and devoted to God. Through our effective marriage books, seminars, and speaking engagements, we provide a unique form of marriage counseling.


A graduate of Sonship School of the Firstborn, this specialized education is designed to develop and equip ministers to impact communities for the Kingdom of God. Tyrone earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and a Master’s of Art in Clinical Pastoral Counseling.

Meet Tyrone & Andrea


Tyrone and his wife, Andrea, have

served in full-time ministry for

more than 21 years. The happy

couple is blessed to serve under the

tutelage of Bishop Nate Holcomb,

the pastor and founder of Christian

House of Prayer Ministries Inc. With

a heart of compassion, and a desire

to impart learning, Tyrone lays out

the counsel of God with simplistic

ease while masterfully weaving

biblical principles with humorous

stories and witty phraseology.


“What life does to you depends

on what life finds in you”

is a sentiment that has been

motivating Tyrone his entire life.

With an endeavor to ensure that

Christ is found in all that they

do, Tyrone and Andrea believe

that God is straight, God is

strong, and God will not leave

you stranded. Therefore, they

confidently conclude the will of

God will never take us where

His grace will not keep us.

The Importance

of Marriage


This anointed couple

senses the call of God to

strengthen and solidify

today’s marriages. With

the understanding that

marriage is a picture of

Christ, Tyrone wrote four

pragmatic books on marriage, books to inspire

and encourage every

person looking

to succeed in life.


for All

Tyrone and Andrea

use these resources

to conduct marriage

seminars and

marital counseling,

but their ministry

extends beyond just

this subject. They

travel the county

teaching and

preaching the whole

counsel of God.


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